Please welcome a new Mexican smoked tequila!
Range of Magazin Kazale company products has more added by new interested brands! Today our clients have an abylity to buy a unique Mexican smoked tequila Los Tres Tomos made from 100% blue agave sirup. You can try tequila Los Tres Tonos in Fruko Bar or in our store Wine List to the adress Sobeslavska 32, Praha 3!
Smoked tequila has a pronounced flavor of the bonfire and burning wood. And this aroma is no accident! The point is before the destilation the blue agave has been dried over smoked peat so agave saturated deep smoked flavor. Use the opportunity to try a new exclusive tequila - call us on + 420 777 146 999. We will help you place your order and deliver it to anywhere in Prague! 7 146 999.