Vodka "Imperial Collection Golden Snow"

Vodka "Imperial Collection Golden Snow"
Volume: 0,7l
Volume alcohol: 40%
Flakes of leaf gold 23-carats

The line of premium drinks "Czar’s and Imperial collection" (brand "Czar’s Original", "Czar's Gold", "Imperial Gold" and "Czar's Village") was supplemented with the new product: vodka Imperial Collection Golden Snow. Its uniqueness is not just in the exceptional quality of vodka, but also in flakes of gold leafs, which are placed in the bottle at the stage of filling. If you take the bottle and shake it well and then put it on the table then scattered flakes will gradually settle to the bottom, creating afascinating visual effect - quietly falling snow.
The bottle, in which is bottled vodka Imperial Collection Golden Snow, is made of transparent medical glass and its form is absolutely identical to that produced for vodka CZAR’s Original and CZAR's Gold. On its front side is an oval medallion with a portrait of the Russian Emperor Peter I (“in armor”) by the Dutch painter Karl Moore (1717). Below the portrait is placed the two-headed eagle, a state symbol of Russia. On the back of the bottle is placed the quatrain from the A. Pushkin’s poem "Bronze Horseman" and the image of Peter and Paul Fortress with antique engravings. In decorating of the bottles was used 24-carat gold.