Beer jelly «HY» 

Size: 120 gr.-500 gr

The original beer jelly re-calls delicately the fresh fruits, the barley and the blossom hop scents, flavours that are more intense in the homonym beer. In fact this jelly is obtained from «The Original HY» and «HY Cuvée», double malt beer, brewed with Champenoise method and triple re-fermentation. Vivid golden yellow colour, it is hard with a balanced and persistent taste on the palate.

Panettone with «HY Cuvée»

Size: 1 kg

It is a classic craft made panettone, with sultana but without candies, made only with natural ingredients, without chemical substances. Mother Yeast, flour, eggs, butter, sugar, sultana, these the fundamental ingredients of first quality that mixed in the dough with «HY Cuvée» enable to obtain a very soft panettone, that re-calls scents and tastes of a malt Cuvèe, absolutely exceptional. This Panettone is made with natural yeast, called «mother yeast», because from it could be taken the fresh yeast of the day.