Absinthe Spoons

Color: gold, silver
Material:  food stainless steel
Weight: 9 grams
Length: 154 mm
Thickness: 0,8 mm

The acquaintance with Absinthe begins with astonishing ceremony of its preparation. That is not only a beautiful and memorable ritual, but also the sure way to achieve the perfect taste, colour and strength of beverage. The obligatory attribute of colourful action is a high glass goblet and a special perforated spoon. The latter one deserves a special attention. Thanks to absinthe spoon show is really enchanting and the taste of drink becomes unique.
Fired cane sugar in absinthe spoon slowly melts to the caramel. Blazed drops flow down through the multiple holes in spoon right to the glass, kindle and immediately colour absinthe in milky greenish. This changes the taste of beverage beyond recognition. Several parts of cold water extinguish the flamed Green Serpent and bring missing tenderness and cool – here is classically prepared Absinthe.
Modern absinthe spoons are elegant and varied, but most of them resemble the models, which were popular two hundred years ago. Leading French absinth researcher Marie-Claude Delahaye presents in her book about Les Cuilleres pour L 'Absinthe a wonderful collection of rare vintage spoons, some exact copies of them are presented in this catalogue.